Kelart a cute

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First for shota hunter

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*Was cute

She is a delicious fruit



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Can't wait for Ainz to learn Wild Magic because things in the NW aren't restricted by class or level requirements. Dark Wisdom is a cool skill, and a game that lets you abuse a broken ability to its fullest extent is pretty based.

wild magic is restricted to dragonlords and those who carry their blood, that's why it's an incredibly rare type of magic
also dark wisdom works only on corpses on players

same user as but just wanted to add that NWers are indeed not restricted to class or level requirements but players still are

Im considering buying the LN, is the translation good?

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We don't know that dark wisdom only works with players. Actually, Ainz seems to imply it works with NWers because he considers using it to learn some spells that weren't in Yggdrasil early on. Also, we know that while normally using wild magic requires what you said, there are ways around it, like Keeno's talent.
Given the latest bit of V16 that was translated we know this extends somewhat to players as well, as Ainz absolutely should not be able to perform alchemy but while he can't with Yggdrasil ingredients, he can with NW ingredients.

Entoma is for respectfully observing but not touching. Too much hard carapace.

Entoma does not have hair. She has bug.
Entoma does not have skin. She has bug.
Entoma does not have cloth. She has metal armor.

>We don't know that dark wisdom only works with players
Maruyama confirmed it

How about putting her on my lap and pat her head?

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>mfw Neia

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>there will be no molesting
>there will be no children
>there will be no boys present

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The hair is simply mandibles

The things she'd do to Mare are best not even dreamed of.

OOPS! I custed and klarted :P

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>things she'd do to Mare
Scream even louder?

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What if just a little bit?

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If it doesn't impede your duties, a little.

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Not even his brute strength can defeat the shotalust.

Sex with Entoma!!