Undead Unluck No. 125 Eleven Minutes


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I don't condone Loopin' Time as a catchphrase.

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>Only four points
The system is rigged.

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Please remain Undead...

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I thought we'd be skipping Ragnarok because of the orbit drifting, but maybe it initiates whenever a loop is activated regardless of how many quest rounds you've done.

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Juiz going to tell God to grab a noose.

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Haha it's funny because they said Thank You with the kanji for Die.

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What if Andy becomes Unluck, and Fuuko becomes Undead?


You know, not it seems like part 2 is possible

Her fat cheeks really do make her look like a Tanuki...

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>not it seems like part 2 is possible

*now I meant. For some reason I don't think final loop is going to be speedrunned

I genuinely ask, how the hell did the author manage to get an adaptation from a good studio and not get axed with those sales?

Positive reception from community I guess? It won some awards

Weird comparison but I read someone putting Undead Unluck up like a cross between Yudetamago (Kinnikuman) and Arakawa Hiroumu (Full Metal Alchemist).

You have to remember that adaptations are not being made in a few months, it basically takes around 2 years from when it's decided and the process starts to the airing date. So they were much more optimistic about this series future performance back when this decision was made.