Chino-chan is looking for a book

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Structure and Interpretation of Cawffee Processing?

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Is it the karma sutra?

SICP? The dragon book? K&R? CLRS?

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I thought we'd never get a new Gochiusa thread...

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I'm starting to see the shitposting potential.

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can't believe user actually waited for 24 hours before making a new thread

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>over 24 hours since last thread
shits fucked up

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I can't live without shitposting the Chino.

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My powers have doubled since the last thread

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should have posted the original

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fuck you

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Good thing posting Cocoa makes you immune to it.

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Anyone want coffee?

someone need to make an immunity cocoa image

Am I missing something?

Thank you. I forgot to save the image.

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Look at the book title of the second post very carefully. It says your mother will die in her sleep if you don't respond. This type of post never worked for me, though. My mother is still happy and alive after not replying to dozens of such posts.

I can't believe they would put something like that in gochiusa

dont listen to this user, this is an evil user. he knows it works and he wants your mom to DIE!!!

chino forgot to reply...

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Chino can't read, it's not her fault

I was too afraid to create one.

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>artist does only pretty weird and fetish laden porn now
Many such cases.

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