Chainsaw Man

When will he appear?

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so far

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Aki's dead, dude. He didn't become the Gun Hybrid, he was killed by the Gun Devil and then his corpse was taken over, becoming the Gun Fiend, which was then killed by Denji. He's not coming back.

>When will he appear?
He is actually dead tho

>Aki out of the picture
>series sucks
Coincidence? I think not.

We LOVE Asa here

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nigger kill yourself

Aki was the hype devil all along....

hayakawa family: dead
hype: dead

user, I...

mitaka family: dead
bucky: dead
hype: dead
there is some correlation

Based Asabro

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Which way, Chainsaw Man? For me it's Himeno.

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Aki is the gun hybrid
Power will return with her original personality
Makima will get her memories back
Himeno will return and marry Aki
Angel will come back as a sexy tall sufer twink that breeds all the brown women

nice samefag



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*Surfer. Silly me.

Cute host for my wife.

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You caught me

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Why do shitsafags reply to themselves this much?


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>licking lips
>fingering afrer orgasm
>clits (plural)

where is asa

fuck befriend marry kill

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When will come she be coming back?

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Next chapter


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When shitsa dies


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user that wasn't a question
i'm gonna fuck Himeno cause she's a wholesome slut and befriend Powah cause she's an innocent lil sis, no lewding Powah!

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>Makima looks like the main girl of a manga who's destined to win no matter how much people like the other girls.

from left to right:
fuck marry fuck fuck

Befriend then fuck her
Marry her then fuck her
Fuck her then kill her
Rape her then kill her

Why are there two yoshidas in your pic, gib lore

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Aki should have gave Himeno rape correction.

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>punishing your rapist with rape
Such a smart plan

Is this what /csm/ has been reduced to? Why are faggots so insistent on a general when it’s always going to be the same shit?
>50% mentally-ill shipping and waifufagging
>40% shitposting
>10% actual discussion
This is kinda genuinely depressing to watch, especially since Fujimoto is probably entering a biweekly schedule.

It means Denji getting DP'd by Yoshida

t. Himeno


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>Fujimoto is probably entering a biweekly schedule
Last 3 chapters have been released biweekly. It's 100% confirmed biweekly now. It's over

Can I get a QRD on all of the fujo shit in your threads chainsaw anons? I didnt know Denji was gay..

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Mentally ill /cm/ posters like seeing a chad reduced to a sniveling little bitch since he is literally the death god of the csm universe also asaturds like to falseflag since Denji mogs their shit character in every possible way

He isn't. He's one of the straighted shounen MCs ever.
Last chapter had them squeal in excitement when Denji interacted with their wet dream Yoshida, thus leading to headcanons and projection being spammed here