Which decade had the best female character design?

Which decade had the best female character design?

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Art has become better, but also lazier over time. Nowadays every character has the same face but with a different hair style and color code. They used to put in effort. As much as I hate One Piece, but at least every character looks really unique.

70s > 90s > 00s > 80 > 10s > 20s

How about male?

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>males become more realistic, smaller eyes and more masculing proportions
>females have larger eyes with time and develop moe facial structures
What did anime mean by this?

70s. Lips, noses and in general cute but before the time moe went off the rails.

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Based 70s(?) fujos.
2ks blushing manlet is ok.
90s/10s are shit.

Why you have to pick the most horrible example for the 90s when this exist, and also Rurouni Kenshin and Cowboy Bebop?

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She's also quite a fetish fuel until now.
Some artists are fanatic for 70s style and I don't blame them. Sayla Mass is my waifu

>to pick


We need to go back.

Why do you tourists insist on oversimplifying and overgeneralizing everything?

What is history but the oversimplifying and overgeneralizing of the past?

I gotchu

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This movie's actually really good

Those aren't moe


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14,000–400 BC

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You know we're better than that
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Ooooh the legend of the white snake
It became a full blown love story 3DPD TV series in the 80s from Taiwan.
My question is, is there rule 34 of that animation or not?

OP never said it's supposed to be moe or not.
I pick the best, not the worst