Tohru is such a cutie!

Tohru is such a cutie!

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She'd be so much cuter with a flat chest.

Kobayashi need but ask.

yes, yes she is.

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Why is she so cute? Dragons are supposed to instill awe and dread.

why psyop?

How can she be so cute and so racist? Cute people can't be racist...

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Kobayashi is my wife

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Not as cute as Saikawa

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She’s cute by dragon standards so her human form reflects that.

Yes, she is!!

chu chu yeah


Best futa

>Why is she so cute?
there's nothing cute about a cow.

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Viz achoo!

she's a boobchinian

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Based. She and Kanna are really cute when they interact. Made for double sumata and/or layer cake.

>double sumata and/or layer cake
Sounds heavenly, assuming I haven't already emptied my balls from hotdogging Kanna. But I love watching these two cuties doing cute things.

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Is this a rape allegory?

Ah yes, the day she grew a clit on her chin

my mom...

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