this is amazing, why isn't it shilled more?

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Are you new? Any Forums never talks about good manga.

Scans are dead.


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Guessing it couldn't get off the ground.
Shill it to me, user.

a chapter got translated a few days ago, and as far as i know the author is still releasing stuff (slowly)

1940 like setting, big island gets blockaded to contain a virus, bad living conditions cause a civil war to broke out.
the girl on the cover is the wife of a gunsmith, he gets killed by insurrectionists to stole weapons so she join the local army as a sniper to get revenge

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it is shilled a lot. it's always mentioned in One Page / One Panel threads, which is probably how you found out about it.

New chapters released really slowly.
Scanlations in English released even less frequently.

That's two reasons I can think of. It's a shame that Groundless doesn't receive a lot of love. It's a fun manga. But well, weebs are weebs. Good and unique stuff is not something they'd enjoy reading.

latest eng chapter was goat doe
finally killing the retarded rebel bitch

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I think people get put off by the art style. But it's damn good.

Oh fuck a Groundless thread, gonna keep it alive as much as I could.
Yeah its not a really well known manga even inside of /ak/ itself, but its a really good hidden gem. But I feel like the aspect that could gain traction the most is that the author has been working on the manga for 12 years now with essentially by himself all alone and no editors or assistants or anyone like that. The only one who he's working with is the publisher that sells the manga.

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based, i can tell he's autistic from the amount of details in the equipment and military strategy explanations. if there was an english release i would buy it in a heartbeat but it's not nearly as popular for that. i'll probably still buy a few volumes just to have it there

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> TFW Vol 10 has been out for 4 months but no one has ripped it yet
Will someone do the honor?
But yeah I like how most of the equipment are based on real life counterparts but changed up a bit.

its on my to read list, but im already got things to finish before i open up another read.

Just take your time, the translation and releases are extremely slow (1-2 chapters per year).

...thats painful. almost physically so.

Not the user who asked but sounds interesting, how many chapters so far?

Not true anymore, /ak/ has got their shit together and releasing new chapters monthly now (4 new chaps since the beginning of this year). Sure its slow but they are doing their best desu.

29 chaps so far. In fact I'd say we are half way to caught up the raws (currently at chapter 60 or sth)

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