Ijima Yabai Yatsu

This is a manga.
About bullying.

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really good series. sadly goes unappreciated because the average person sees bullying going on and gets really mad because they project onto the story.

Really? But this manga is a yandere lovers dream.
Litterally every women in the MCs life is batshit

i think the bullying aspect overshadows any appeal that might have had to nerds with persecution complexes.

I love crazy on crazy action

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A yandere harem is something truly sublime.

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They should just bully her already. With his dick. And I feel like she wouldn't even mind since they're already slapping her ass in front of everyone every other day.

Soo its tatally a fetish right? The getting bullied shit is just her kink?

I've not read it since it was picked up again recently and there was a good 100 untranslated chapters then but it was suggested she was doing it to punish herself over another friends death.

And there is no fetish shit involved here?
No particular reason why she must ABSOLUTLY be bullied by the main character like she absolutly insists apon and gets furious when he bulllies other and gets painfully jealous of other women?.

She claimed it felt good only when the MC does it, so maybe. Like it seems she gets off of having her teeth removed or being covered in real shit instead of fake shit. And gets mad all the time if it's not done right or if something gets in her way which is why she keeps attacking the bully villain of the week.

So nakajimas child hood froend is mow in the picture.
Whats her brand of crazy?

She and mc are childhood friends, though I'm not sure if he knows it as her white hair seems to be a recent thing.

Dam going to have to re read this now.

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Forgot pic.

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Anime when? I want KanaHana to voice her.

The mc knows She had black hair before.
It turned white durring his bully period.

You're right, mc either isn't mentioning her being his childhood friend or he doesn't remember it then.
She looks like an s rank crazy, how lovely.

I ment shirosakis child hood friend.

I want to want someone how can really sell her token veil off "What the FUCK?"

user what the fuck are you trying to say here.

Replace how with who.

He wants some who can deliver shirosakis *catch phrase*?
The "What the fuck?" That she usually delivers when shes about to really fuck someone up.

Theres no way thats true.
The first chapter makes it clear this is a story about a crazy girl.

It's just a romcom

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There is nothing tragic going on in this series. You'd have to be below average IQ to think otherwise.

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