Boku no Hero Academia:

Imagine being ultra hot and dying for a bully piece of shit and jobber. I really can't accept this.

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I wanna lick Bakugo's toes.

first for Shiggy

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Worst protag
Worst side characters
Worst villains
Worst plot

How much of that is true?

She’s not dead though, yeah she’s pretty much got the anakin treatment but she’ll be fine

Bakugo fanbase

>MHA is on the bottom of WSJ
what destroyed the hype?

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She looks like she has sex with men.
Specifically pale white haired men with red eyes.

The side characters are what keeps people coming back and the villains all have decent development and are better than the main cast. The protagonist is bland and the plot is mess though. The series would be so much better if the villains were the whole focus and U-A were sidemen.

>imagine hate MHA so much for no reason that you have to post fake TOCs

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>Hori create/returns an olympion gigachad character in AfO
>follows up and ruins all my respect for him by creating the worst fucking asspull in shonen ever for the most hated shonen character ever
>Follows it up with an extremely interesting development for Shigaraki
This manga has become an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. I don't even know what I am supposed to feel at this point.

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She didn't die

Not surprising. Shigaraki has been the star of the show since My Villain Academia. He deserves to win at this point.

made a collage of my fav shiggy pics :> i love him so much

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what now?
did she die or not??

holy based

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Nice and cute collage user, i appreciate it

What if when MHA ends we have Shigaraki become a good guy and later on becomes a teacher at UA that is now up and running as a school again, Deku smiles at him and says "this truly was my hero academia"

No, but she lost another arm

He will never have peace again, he is a terrorist hunted by the whole world now. Death is his endgame, sorry.

The entire world wants to give him what he wants

This sounds horrible which means it's going to happen.

Do you remember that Horikoshi didn't want the public to have sympathy for Dabi?

Endeavor will not fight him. So... I believe Dabi will order the terrorists to kill Rei and his brothers to force him to fight.

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Would Endeavor have any reason to believe him, though? Wouldn’t threatening Shoto be much easier?

He not only jobbed against Shoto, but he doesn't care about Shoto, he just wants to torment Endeavor.

Not a single civilian sympathized with Dani, not even Deku.

Will Hawks lose his arms and legs too?

he will lose his life

what an absolute god
but you are missing the zombie shiggy panels

post em

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Please do not! He's too young to die

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