Anons Why I didn't like Evangelion

I felt nothing after finishing the evangelion. Am I stupid or something anons I heard that anime is fucking awesome and will make me depressed but it didn't. Should I rewatch? Don't know what to do anons, What should I do?

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You are not supposed to like it. You was supposed to buy asuka figure and make a thread stating that it was kino

You didn't Evangelion because it wasn't a show.

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Why are you talking about a show you should have watched over 20 years ago?

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You can't even speak English on an English anime board, you are new to anime. So fuck off newfag. watch 300 anime before posting.

Generic mecha anime isn't good.

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>Why are you talking about a show you should have watched over 20 years ago?
Because I was born in 1999?

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>the balls nor the mental fortitude
Narcissism. The word you're looking for is narcissism.

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I don't know what you expect to be told when your critique is just "I didn't like it" and "I felt nothing." I think that if you finished the series with no idea at all why it resonates with most people, then you probably weren't paying very close attention, but either way it's fine. Evangelion is a must-see anime, not a must-like. Move on and be free. Namaste.

literally too dumb or smart to enjoy EVA
also form your own opinion

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