Mangaka uses a bunch of typical tropes

>mangaka uses a bunch of typical tropes
>kanna the loli
>lucoa literally onee-san ara ara shotacon
>already draws a bunch of oppai loli h-doujins
>ilulu clearly fits the stereotype of cool-kyou's many other oppai lolis
>no she's a shortstack
why are people like this?

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Her body type is not loli.
If you think there is anything loli about her, then you are just misusing the word.

Many people are not aware of Coolkyoushinja's other works and they think Dragonmaid isn't just another source for his very based pool of fetishes. Iruru being an oppai loli milk tank doesn't register for them because they think he is drawing a short adult and not a busty child.

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mangaka literally tags his own official ilulu art with "loli with huge breasts" on pixiv

Left is clearly a loli with sag bags
Right is clearly a short woman with sag bags

I don't care WHO misuses words. That doesn't change their definitions.

you know users can also add tags, which are different from author tags, right, newfag?

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"shortstack" is a psyop, literally no one ever said this word before 2017

what definition? you interpreting ilulu’s body type as not loli is subjective. and if ilulu was flat-chested she’d just be a regular loli


If she was flat chested she'd still have a postpubescent body, so she wouldn't be a loli

It's because Anglos could literally get thrown in prison for acknowledging that she's a loli.
For the rest of us though, she's an oppai loli.

Yeah bro I fucking love lolis
I never knew it but Iruru finally made find my true self
I am a proud lolicon now

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Iruru badly sticks to a model. Sometimes cool feels like drawing a shortstack, sometimes an oppai loli
Anime Iruru is solidly shortstack though

I'd say more of a puddle of fetishes consisting almost solely of big boobs and paizuri.
That's what I remember from Chichi Chichi.

cool story bruh

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To even debate such a thing like it matters, sheer autism

But nothing on this website matters.

Not our fault english is a language so poor that it didn't have a word for short adult women with huge breasts until 2017

absolutely disgusting

Shortstack existed before 2017.

source of left pls?