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So, what did you think of this batch? The first two episodes aren't good, and the animation is still rough, but overall, I think this batch is way better than the first.
Let's hope most of the budget went into the third one.

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I still haven't even watched the first one.

Limp Viscuit.

Batches are much better than weekly episodes. But it should've been like 2 batches of 18 episodes instead of 3 of 12

I don't care. I read the manga long ago, first batch was really good, but I lost interest in this show. I will surely watch batch number 2, just in unspecified future.

The first two episodes are good though.

I’ll never understand why shit like this is okay with record labels but free advertising isn’t

Wrong. Weekly episodes or everything all together are the only ways. Half assing it a doing some middle ground is absolutely shit.

My strong wife is cute.

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In some cases, I imagine it's something like a musician not wanting to be associated with a character that eats babies or something.

That sounds pretty fucking metal.

Fuck off you mentally ill twitterfaggot.

Netflix did her dirty. This was her dream role that she had wished for since she was a kid.

If you love slideshows.

Yeah, once I got to Part 3 and J. Geil showed up I kinda realized exactly why they have to do this.

I think Fred Durst doesn’t have room to complain

has subs with the stands/attack names corrected been released yet?

anime only. watched first episode of new batch and its the most boring shit i've seen in a while. does this part ever get good?
Part 5 > Part 3 > Part 2 > Part 4 > Part 1 > Part 6

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She sucks.

>proudly announces he's an animeonly
>LIVE.jpg for no reason
You guys deserve to be bullied to death. Read the manga if you're that curious.

>Animeonly VentoAureotard
>Doesn't like Stone Masterpiece
The jokes write themselves, kek.

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And fucks.

Le epic piano solo is it Friday yet jobros drink piss zipper man xd

Where does this batch end in?

This is a metaphor for that one time Jolyne had a baby with a colored boy to get back at her dad.

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trying too hard to fit in

7 page muda you'll never reach da truth how does king crimson work amirite?

Fine face, but muscles... Surely strong grills enthusiasts will find her attractive. For me she's just okay.

What's more important, she has talent and skill in voice acting. First Jolyne, now Power from CSM (another big role). Bravo, Ai Fairouz.

Good arcs were in batch 1. Next arcs, no matter how well animated, are gonna be boring as shit. Next interesting arc will appear in batch 3. Sorry, user.


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>shoes in bed


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The quality control was a lot better this time around. And yes, I watched all 12. Jojo Fridays are dead and buried.

The worst thing about this batch was unironically the subtitles, it's the worst translation job I've ever seen from official subs, whoever did them couldn't help himself.

Meant for