JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Part 2 of Stone Ocean is finally out, but how fast will it be forgotten after it gets binged today?

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Bstch release model, with episodes released so many months after the previous batch, successfully killed the hype.

Hell, I'm not interested in binge watching it right now, and I'm a JoJo fan. Stone Ocean is not my favorite Part and this batch will have few pretty boring arcs.

Also, no new OP and ED.

>Bstch release model, with episodes released so many months after the previous batch, successfully killed the hype.

Now that needs to be applied to My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. Netflix should go full on jerk ass mode and really sweeten the deal for Shueisha for them to have exclusive streaming rights

I'm gonna watch one episode per week, I don't know why you guys can't control yourselves

Going to wait the third part and then i watch it, even after reading the manga years ago it's still horrible to watch 12 episodes, wait almost a half-year, watch 12 episodes again and then again wait almost six months.

>inb4 it is a plan of DP to get the best anime spot in three different seasons
>sasuga DP-sama

>720p nigger
>making new thread when two already exists
OP is a faggot

>Mom, look! I made my first Any Forums post using their trendy buzzwords!

>start watching one episode a week last december
>run out of episodes in february and have to wait 7 months for the next twelve
Woo yeah that sure fixed it

no new OP????? wtf

>re-reading SBR
>"Mr. Steel, the Chinese are eating people's dogs and the French keep whipping out their dicks."


batch release is so much better

How does David Productions feel about what Netflix is doing to Stone Ocean?

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Why would they give a fuck? They're still getting paid all the same.

>money is all that matters!

>Literally justy sat down and started the 2nd part
>The same opening
Yeah, I'm about to drop this shit, why couldn't they make a new opening?

I've already forgotten half the characters
Most forgetable jojo season

watch weekly like i am, then at least you can stay hyped

Ceasar dies [spoiler/]

Holy shit the entire Limp Bizkit arc is just a slideshow and CGI. Does it get any better at all? Jesus fuck.


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