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The axe? Yes.

was this really worth a 3 day ban

Gamo's Gamos soon

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>Axe Sana?

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How soft is Sana's sanas?

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is nagatoro a peruvian descendant?

She's too tall to be a spic.

that would unironically make the series better
a barren nagacuck having to ask a superior woman to bear a child for her so that she can """"consummate"""" her love with senpai

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She just enjoys the taste.

How do I convince her to rape me?

imagine if this was real

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Shave the sides of your head, work on your pervert grin, and then beat her in a fight. Don't worry, the last part's the easiest.

Just be extremely gay.

Hola Causa

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Become Ichiro