Jujutsu Kaisen

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Must I do everything myself?

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These aren't going to be in order.

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Heterosexual people dont give a shit about this series

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Maki reaches some sort of enlightenment after her training and says she's in perfect condition. This arc is probably ending in a chapter or two.

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Enter, DELIGHTEDki. Remember, Nobara will return before October 1st.
I just love this panel, she seems so overjoyed.

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in this pic she looks like yuta when he actually started enjoying a fight for once. I
i wonder if that's a coincidence

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Where is everyone?!

It's no coincidence because they are lovers (in love with eachother)

You can’t compare the two. Maki stated that she’s refreshed and is now ready to fight—she’s actually confident enough to know how to enjoy herself. Meanwhile, Yuta is too much of a coward, that the manga explicitly states that he would never understand the joys of fighting. He only made that phase and entertained Ryu’s wish, because he was cowed into doing so by Ryu’s alpha energies.
Yuta’s utter aversion towards fighting is why he will NEVER surpass Gojo, and why Yuta himself will be surpassed by students who actually enjoy the thrill of a fight, like Maki, Nobara, Hakari, and Todo.

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Preview: Shine bright, Maki!!

aw cute

Wow, they really do look similar. I think if Yuta grows out of his "grrrr no fighting" typical shonen mc shit, a duo between him and current Maki would be insane

Kekaroo. She needs to surpass the 1st finger bearer before she can even think about even entering the domain of Yuta, Hakari & Yuji's prowess. Jokes aside, she's likely going to be a solid grade 1 when she comes back. Ofc she'd still get mogged by any relevant character as always.