Reminder that this "ugly" but sour mother fucker made it

Reminder that this "ugly" but sour mother fucker made it.

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How strong is Taiga's Dynamic Entry?

Enough to break my soul, my body...

he's not "ugly", he's "tall, dark, and handsome". and none of us are that.

Even if you do have those traits, if you had the wrong social environment it doesn't help at all.
You can be tall, mysterious, dark, handsome, whatever. But if you can't keep your spaghetti in your pockets, you'll never make it either way.

Taiga is not that ugly


OP was obviously talking about Taiga

girls are playing the game on easy mode

Taiga looks good but is a bitch

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Ryuuji was robbed


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I bet it would actually be quite soft.

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He's more so in the source maybe.
In the strip adaptation he's actually quite dapper and his eyes are fierce and scary but in a good looking way and his haircut is also better and he looks quite dapper in his uniform.
In the television series he looks like a dull, uninteresting typical light novel protagonist.

No idea what fiction would say about reality. This kind of shit exists to provide escapism where bland looking mofos have multiple people fall in love with him, that's why they altered his design.

They even made his fingers shorter.

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>Have to deal with their womb raging at them every month
>vicious feedback loop where men look down on and discriminate against them so they have to use underhanded ways just to catch up and get ahead which causes men to look down on and discriminate against them
Nah i would never willingly be a woman. Their lives are difficult.

Only if you're ugly. Attractive or average women are still playing on tutorial difficulty until around age 25-30

Getting with an ugly, violent womanlet is not what I would call "making it"

That makes no sense. Taiga is pretty and in-universe too.
The entire plot is that Taiga is pretty and looks like a doll but has a bad personality so not a lot of friends.


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Was Ryuji ever canonically considered ugly? I thought it was just that he had a resting evil face.

Then again, I guess the people we usually associate with looking crazy tend to be unattractive. Y’know the school shooter archetype and such