Lycoris Recoil

Ep 10 preview

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Already a thread

I just came here to post this.

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jesus christ this is only on episode 10? I cant watch this shit till I know hout it ends.

Shinji is evil and therefore he deserves to die.

Had to mute holy shit that voice acting is obnoxious.

These idiots have finally realized. You can't just use a pistol against terrorists.

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If that bothers you then not sure how you watch the full episodes

Cute and canon

Who among them will deliver the fatal blow to Joker?

Erika will accidentally kill him with her eyes closed.

That would actually be great

I'm not watching them, just reading a thread here and there, maybe watching after it's done airing. I like girls with guns genre, so we'll see, hopefully anons in the threads are just delusional and it's not actually pandering primarly to troons and fujos

>moe moe kyuun~
what the fuck

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They should add MajiSato in the anime couple pole in Anitrendz so we can be #1 again.

Jokerbros, we're winning

same energy

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How many cute girls will have to die before we reach the end?

Does this mean Shinji has a low chance of survival like that cat?

It means he has nine lives.

But his nine lives can't beat a bullet exploding inside his head.

That gun doesn't look like it can hold nine bullets.