What is the best anime comedy of all time?

What is the best anime comedy of all time?

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none of these, thats for sure

Every one of those ere cool in their own right but i just love how azumanga feels like half of it was written by alien neural network

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none of those

Gintama. It does go overboard with the gross-out humor and pop culture references sometimes but the anime adaptation up to Enchousen was pure gold with their fourth-wall breaking gags about production woes and such. It's almost like the staff was having fun by teetering to the point of getting in trouble with the Execs.

Gintama 2015 and further lost that element, so I dropped it there.

Dragonball. Not even a meme answer

Mitsuboshi Colors is the funniest manga I've read.

Konosuba is up there, but I dunno if it's the best.

all of those

Asobi asobase mogs a lot of what's ITT

that shit can't even get close to anything in OPs collage.

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Some of my favorites are Grand Blue, Asobi Asobase, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun, D-Frag, Full metal panic fumoffu, Konosuba
More than happy to take any suggestions as well, especially for older animes (2000s or earlier), since I haven’t been able to find many good comedies from that era

saved this comedy chart some time ago, most of the stuff is good imo

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For some reason I could never get into Gintama, watched like 3 episodes and I didn’t really feel the humor. Maybe I’m missing something because everyone seems to love it

what the animanga equivalent of Billy and Mandy then you will have ur answer

no chance in hell


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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
Daily Lives of High School Boys
Personal favs.

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So Jashin-chan Dropkick?

Not really a comedy anime but nothing has had me genuinely laughing out loud more than Food Wars

the only good thing is the ending