Dragon Ball Super

Does Toyotaro taking a break confirm he’s skipping Super Hero? Any theories as to what the next arc will be? I doubt we’re getting the Black Freeza arc now that feels more like an end of Super arc.

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Toyotaro? I fart at the sound of his name.

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Toyotaro only made a recap of BoG because it was the first "Super" product and he has to introduce Beerus and saiyan gods but he has never done movies, movies just happen between arcs.
The next arc really looks like an EoS arc considering the hiatus, the fact the anime seems be leaked to come back with Broly and Moro and how SH already takes place a single year before EoZ.

The SHITvies aren't canon.

Just had a dream where I fucked Pan, AMA.

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Super Hero >>>>> Moro
Cry about it Toyota drone


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How did she feel?

She was really tight and warm, that's about all I remember really.

How tight? From a scale to newborn baby to 90 year old grandma

Reminder that if you did not like Super Hero you might as well just quit being a Dragonball fan.
Toriyama SOUL >>>> Toyotaro soulless industrially manufactured copycat

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I don't know she just felt like a vice grip, she was squeezing my dick pretty hard.

That faggot has to return asap and finish this once and for all.


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since Vegeta is royalty does he wear a chastity belt?

>movie has Jiren appear
>instant success

Super Hero > Moro arc
Super Hero = Granolah arc

In other words, Super Hero movie solos, user.

>Jiren has a cameo
>massive success of a movie

>Be Hacktaro
>Make fanfiction with shitty art
>Fanfiction approved by senile
>Senile goes behind your back to make a movie
>It ignores everything in your beloved fanfiction
>Fanfiction is not taken seriously even though it was approved by the senile
>>Hope we are here
>Take a break
>Run out of ideas
>Admit that fanfiction is shit

Can anyone realistically beat angry Pan?

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>be the SHITvie

What a disgusting timeline where a movie with good animation flops and a low effort cg one doesn't.

Cell is more popular than Frieza.

Why does Gohan allow her to wear slutty clothes?


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CHADhan's movie WARPED the Toyotards

super hero pan?

So simple and yet so effective and funny

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It was a CHADCCOLO adn Cutepan movie

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>Samefagging this badly


Not funny.

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Pan BEAST vs Ultra Ego Bra will be the next gen rivalry

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Reminder that HANhan had Beast back in the ToP, but he didn't want to use it because its overwhelming power is hard to control and he didn't want to dishearten his comrades by revealing that the gap between them is utterly insurmountable.
>My goal is an ultimate form no one has ever seen before!
>Then, in the ToP, Piccolo tells him he might have to use "That", clearly referring to Beast
Hanchad has been the strongest since before the ToP.