Goblin Slayer

I just want to marry and form a family with Priestess. Is that wrong?

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better stock up a supply of absorbent bed pads for when she pisses the bed

Are you a goblin?

No. But I wouldn't mind to be the one that gobbed her

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Will we see more of her in the second season?

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She'd lose that ability to completely heal someone else overnight if that happened, so probably.

Hot. This is my fetish.

Priestess is a holy prostitute.

That's completely untrue! Prostitutes get paid for their lewd behavior.

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isnt the creator of GS is creating a new manga or something?

me wearing a robe in the middle panel

Cow Girl is too pure for lewding

Cow Girl is pure sex.

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he just standing there


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Me on the middle panel with a sword ready to shank the guy with a robe and take his robe.

>i see

We need to go back in time and make sure the nuns actually feed her properly so that when she’s grown up she actually has curves like her sister.

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In general? Obviously.
In fanservice scenes? I think the only one she had in volumes 3 & 6 (the most likely ones to get adapted) was being in her underwear as she tried to pick a dress for her harvest festival date with GS, but I would not put it past the animators to make up a couple extra scenes of her bathing like they did in S1.

“Sleeping? Wrong! This tittymonster is deceased!”

No one has been hurt enough to need to be brought back from the brink of death in 14 volumes. And she’s still too low-level to fuel the actual casting part by herself.

>her sister
Thank god, I almost got a heart attack thinking they aged up Priestess even more.

That isn't a Goblin Slayer character anyway

How goblins (including those in thread) which the series would end, versus pic related which is how it will actually end.

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trips confirm

Shortly after publishing vol 16 he made a Twitter post saying her was taking a break from the series and putting out a new IP yeah, at least according to guys in a previous thread.

A piece of paper

So is the author finally burnt out of GS at this point? Can't blame him but at the same time he should have probably ended the series a while ago.

But it does look exactly like Priestess with tits, and since it’s very blatantly signaled that she and Princess are identical twins and how much thicker the latter is, that’s how I assume she should have looked if growing up in the boonies didn’t leave her malnourished.

? Cowgirl lewds herself all the time. Heck volume 4 had her admit she thinks prickteasing is funny.