Causes Millions (if not billions) of deaths just because he is butthurt and hates his family

>Causes Millions (if not billions) of deaths just because he is butthurt and hates his family

How can people think this dirtbag is justified?

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He saved the world by preventing Charles from causing instrumentality, retard.

>true world peace TM shortly after

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counterpoint: our individuation from the jungian collective unconsciousness is actually cringe and charles did nothing wrong

>t. my life is shit, so everyone else's is too
typical instrumentality project supportor

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Lulufags are hilarious, I miss them

Suzaku and Schneizel (and Nunnally) caused millions of deaths. Lelouch didn't fire a single Fleija, and his death count is probably in the hundreds of thousands at most, almost all of whom were militarily employed.

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He's lawful evil

>didn't fire a single Fleija
it's not like he doesn't have anything to do with it either

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because he is max stirner personified and a based egoist,
same reason why eilana is an ubermensch and makes moralfaggots like you seethe.

lelouch was too moralfaggot for me though, since he actually saved his classmates or at least most of them, should have killed everyone except ctwo even his own sister, (familial love is a fucking spook only do stuff for yourself, and help others if it benefits you)

Millions, if not billions of people are also butthurt and hate his family. They should be glad somebody's finally doing something about it.

Suzaku deserved that, though. It was Suzaku the situation was what it was. If the Japanese had been allowed to mount an actual military engagement and been beaten, there wouldn't be so much discord and so many pockets of resistance because the Japanese military would've been soundly beaten.

kys moralfaggot OP

Ah, Suzaku haters. I don't miss those, go figure.

Fine bitch

Reminder that a character like Judge Dredd could easily dominate Lelouch's twink body, just imagine Dredd pinning Lelouch to the floor and whispering into his ear what a failure he is.

But the movie showed there were still conflicts and wars occuring.
The movie even ends with lelough stumbling up a mass grave with a child crying

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Being with people you like benefits you.

>But the movie showed
stopped reading there