What does this mean for the future of the series?

What does this mean for the future of the series?

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He finally got someone to wipe his ass.

Still no chapters

Why are hunterfags so cancerous?

Fake news. Actual translation was that he was getting a penis enlargment

So he could piss from his bed?

Instead of 2 chapters a decade there will be 3.

He must construct additional pylons

I think seeing Miura die must have woken him up
a lot of people meme'd the idea before, but seeing it actually happen must have been an eye opener

>increase my staff
He got a bigger dick. Expect more high school characters in the next chapters.

The larger the team for something, the shittier the quality.

I unironically wish Togashi got a dedicated artist so he would be in charge only for story and paneling. I mean it could be just assistants but I heard Togashi liked to do the most work by himself in the past.

Next DQ game isn't coming out for a while

Authors don't give a shit about finishing their works. They have no passion for them. They don't care about leaving behind a legacy. It's just a means of making money.

>I've decided to increase my staff
>Themanga art is shit
What did he mean by this?


Having read his work I'd be surprised to learn Togashi worked with any regular assistants at all.
The entire run of YYH and HxH were both sketchy as fuck.

That would be the ideal and reasonable thing, which means it won't happen unless things get much worse on his side.

Sadly this. If this wasnt true, he already would have done this option

The guy is literally dying just to release ten measly chapters that are likely going to be 50% text anyways

He’s going to increase his output to a rate of zero chapters per year

>I have decided to work even less, retards will eat up everything I shit anyway
What did he mean by this?

Then you'd be wrong cuz he's always had assistants. But any mangaka worth their penny is responsible for the character art while the more time consuming stuff like background gets administered to assistants