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You're playing the hottest new game in town, right user?

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Did you make this user?

So is it possible to compare solutions after they've been submitted?

No, it's not mine.

If you could see others' solutions you'd be able to upload them as your own. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you can guess what they look like.

I meant after the deadline has passed.

I'd forgotten that Bakaupdates has a discussion forum for each series page

I’m finally ready to learn Moonrunes. Where do I start? Duolingo, /DJT/, or pay a tutor?

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I thought it died?

It got booted to /jp/ I guess Any Forums has one too . I don't frequent them but I do get the impression that there's a bunch of tards shilling their stuff there so I don't know. Find an actual human that's familiar with the language. If you go and teach yourself you're going to make a dumb error and teach yourself wrong and it'll be years before you catch on.

To be fair I’m in Okinawa so there is plenty of people to talk to. When I say hire a tutor I mean an actual japanese person born and raise. But I guess I will just start with duolingo…

There are a couple of blogs with a stack of resources I usually see posted around like this one.
they generally recommend doing Tae kim for grammar and then immersing

I dont know if its the right place to ask.
Is there a website for scanlators/translators in general? Im having a hard time contacting people who did translations for loli doujins.
We really need someone to translate our lolige.

There's no one site. But most of the people working on that kind of thing will be congregating at exhentai.

no, best you got is Trannycord or sending them an email. No Japanese language forum will host our illegal hobby

fuck sake. I have to admit i have been filtered for 5-7 fucking years. I guess ill ask my artist about it if he has access.

Is it really that hard to set up an account?

its not. But the logging in every single day always fucks me up because i keep forgetting to do it.

>Sign in via Twitter to send a submission:
lol. No.

>all professional letterers on top
Scanlators btfo.
@rin_grc made it, a Fakku employee.


>jewcob employee
i vomit

Purge this thread and start a new one

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I use Duolingo but with a japanese keyboard so you need to type in your answer, and not use word cards (and also I do one lesson at a time until it's fully done).

For learning characters I use the Kanji Study app, it's got the hiraganas and katakanas in here too.


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