Was it really a parody?

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A parody of what?

Any Forums's Mayoiga threads.

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What a crappy show that was.

It was great. Stupid, but great.

no it was just bad and also boring as fuck


Good writing

I want to fuck SHOKEI girl! Crazy girl faces make me hard.

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Mayoiga's threads were truly Any Forums swan song. Every other trainwreck has felt so fucking forced.

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Are you kidding me? Mayoiga had the most painfully forced threads I've ever seen. It wasn't even a trainwreck just a bad show.

The benefits of original anime.

mayoiga threads were all about desperately pretending a show where quite literally nothing happens was this epic trainwreck. peak reddit

You're trying too hard.

Big Order was way more entertaining as far as trainwrecks go, you would have no idea what would happen next and then it would wrap up in the most retarded way

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And some "people" still try to convince me that Mari Okada isn't the poster girl of hackery.

Is was absolutely a forced trainwreck, and I say this as someone who tried to force it as well. Even by episode 3 people were calling this out.

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Mayoiga wasn't a real "trianwreck" it came out after shows like Valvrave and Aldnoah Zero and Any Forumsnons were desperately trying to find the next "trainwreck" show to meme.
It was so fucking cringe.
They exaggerated every small element of the show in an attempt to make it seem like it was some "wacky ride" when it just fucking sucked ass.

Man how many yottsuns has it been since Mayoiga aired?

Mayoiga was truly the essence of Any Forumsutism, which is why it was so well-liked.

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