Boku no hero academia

Hori seems to like them the most out of all the charcters, so why didn't he just give them a spin-off?

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They would need more than just four limbs and one heart to survive in Hori's spinoff

Spin-off about bakugo and mirko having sex

It may not be dedicated only to them, but isn't that basically what the Team-up Mission spin off is for?

>Hot buff bunny dies for Bakugo
Who asked for this?

He's been jacking off to the idea for a real long time now.

it's mostly secondaries that like miruko
same reason why fuma empress will die in tenkaichi


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What revived the hype?

Alright, that took me considerably longer than usual, in part because so many places on these images were kind of blurry, but I think I got everything. Translation time!

Narration: Edgeshot's "Quirk"

Narration: Foldibody (Literally "Paper Limbs")

Narration: (The user) can stretch out their body by making it finer and thinner.

Lead in: The resolve to save!!

Narration: With repeated years and months of diligent study, his body

Narration: is able to become even thinner

Narration: and taut enough to even stop bleeding.

Narration: Even finer,

Narration: like a spider's thread.

Edgeshot (thinking): With the "bubble" that I received from Wash,

Edgeshot (thinking): I'll wash my body

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Edgeshot (thinking): and sneak into his body!!

Narration: He can stretch out his body

Narration: to the thinness of suturing thread, however...

No.365 The No.4 and No.5

Edgeshot (thinking): Jeanist is suturing, but...

Edgeshot (thinking): blood is still flowing. There's damage inside.

Edgeshot (thinking): The lungs are injured as well.

Edgeshot (thinking): With this body, I'll mending both the inside and outside of each organ

Edgeshot (thinking): while assisting with cardiopulmonary activity!!

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I hate hot buff bunny.

How does someone go through writing and drawing this and showing it to an editor without either of them ever thinking "wait, maybe it's a terrible idea"?

Shigaraki is officially a good villain to me after the last chapter. Even if the ending would be crap.

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Edgeshot (thinking): Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Edgeshot (thinking): from the inside!!

Edgeshot (thinking): Keep struggling!!

Edgeshot (thinking): Jeanist! Mirko!

Edgeshot (thinking): There are injuries, but it's not as if it isn't having any effect on him.

Edgeshot (thinking): (I'll? We'll?) capture (everything? everyone?).

Edgeshot (thinking): Bring back his consciousness.

Edgeshot (thinking): Please

Narration: ...because it's an extreme state, his own life is steadily worn down.

Edgeshot (thinking): move!!

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Do it better then, hatefag

Shigaraki(?): I(boku) *already*

Shigaraki(?): *destroyed that one* you know.

Shigaraki (flashback): So let's destroy it all once.

Shigaraki(?): I(ore)

Shigaraki (flashback): I have to destroy...

Shigaraki (flashback): It's itchy.

Shigaraki (flashback): I have to heal.

Shigaraki(?): *already*!

(Nuance note: As far as I can recall, the translations of Shigaraki's "So let's destroy it all once" line usually omit the "once" (or "ittan") component. That's probably because it's one of those cases where it's admittedly hard to clearly fit the right kind of meaning neatly into an English sentence the same way it does in Japanese. But the nuance of "ittan" is "to occur once, or temporarily". So whatever's occurring "once" is not the final form or end goal, it's a step or a beginning. Maybe if I wanted to take more liberty with the translation, I might rephrase it as something like "So let's let it all be destroyed for a while", but it's technically lacking any specificity about the period of time that the things should be destroyed for.)

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Shigaraki(?): Destroyed (him)!

Mirko: (Non-specific yelling.)

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Shigaraki(?): Do you want to be crushed that badly?

Mirko: Huh-----!?

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>boku no pico academia

...with hot burly men

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): ...!?

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): What...!?

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): I'm disoriented...!?

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): With this body...!? That's impossible. I haven't felt damaged at-----...

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): No... Wait...

Jeanist: Mirko!!

Mirko: Hey, what's going on...!!?

Mirko: You're being so kind, Great Demon Lord!!

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The action sequences are unintelligible

Almost like the scans are in bad quality or something

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): That hit I took at the end...

Mirko: Where are you looking!!?

Mirko: When people are dying, I will die, but!! (?)

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): It stung

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): just a bit.

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>body body body body body body body body body body body body body

lol cope

How long will it take for scans?

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Shigaraki(?) (thinking): I'm being (illegible)...!? No, (it?I?) shouldn't be that (illegible)... then...

Shigaraki(?): ......Impossible.

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): The impatience I felt at that time...... that was-----

Shigaraki(?) (thinking): You're telling me I felt "threatened"!? Me(boku)!? By a background character!!?

Mirko: If you're going for total capture(?), then that's how it's gotta be.

Edgeshot (flashback): Mirko!!

Edgeshot (flashback): Keep struggling!!

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Hey just like my fucked up amputee porn! I hate those actually, fucking fatalpulse

what's the name of this band?

The Human League

WSJ won't serialize it

How about don't give Edgeshot a super secret deadly technique at all? Nobody's impressed.

that's not what he's talking about
actions make no sense

Mirko: Because

Mirko: I'm not going to die leaving any regrets behind!!!

Mirko: Luna

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How can you tell with the piss poor scans? Are you retarded

Edgeshot thinks cleaning his body is priority to not get rejected by host body...does that mean he took off all his clothes too and got into the boy stark naked?

Mirko: Rush!!!

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yes, he stripped bakugo too before rubbing his bubble all over him