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Have you all received your copies of Shishishiko volume 1 by now?

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bunch of degenerates enabling a degeneracy writing degenerate to degenerately make a degenerate living in this degenerate society

I'm amazed at how wholesome and uplifting this series is. Truly beautiful.

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And that's bad because?

Being degenerate is okay.

>Honoka got axed
>this is still running
It's not fair...

I'm very glad to see Shizu's ponytail and running clothes again.

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Honoka started earlier. Whether Shishishiko survives beyond volume 2 depends entirely on how well volume 1 sells.
Honoka didn't really have much that really made her stand out, Shizuku on the other hand is fairly unique.

Oh, the volume is out?
I guess I should buy it, a mangaka crusading for blood related incest does deserve proper support.

Best Imouto

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But Honoka was so cute and arguably the cutest girl in Dengeki when her series was running.

I think there was a Yotsuba chapter during that time.

>14 people didn't give it a 10

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I expect if this doesn't sell she's going to try something other than brother-sister romance.

How do you feel about imouto x 3?

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Are there any sites where you can get reviews aside from Amazon?

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I just posted the mangaupdates results but there probably a little biased though.
there are the results on mangadex as well

Do people there vote based on a single chapter?

Most vote systems are retarded.
some people just see a tag like sexual violence and vote 1

Or amazon reviews where half the time the review was "it arrived on time in good condition"