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when indeed...
when is part 3 translated in vostfr ???

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when it's time.

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What is panzer vor?

Tanks forward!

panzer vor means panzer vor, dumbass

Sensha zenshin.

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panzer vore

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For me it's the 43M Turán III. A tank so based even Ze Deutschland canceled it.

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When I’ve gotten around to watching part 3 (which requires me to rewatch everything else because I’ve forgotten). I hope the physical releases get condensed at the end because this series only needs to be 3 blu-ray sets at most (series, film, finale) but we’re on track for 9. Wouldn’t be so annoying if they had special features beyond clean credits and trailers.

I don't know if all 6 Das Finale movies could fit on a single bluray disc. That would be ~5 hours or so. It probably makes more sense to have it split with 3 on a disc, so that would make it a 4 disc set. Still better than 9 though. But splitting it up more means the companies get more money.

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I was more thinking of a single case rather than one disc. My 8-disc Lucky Star set is thinner than two standard cases so there's a lot of shelf space that can be saved with a collectors' edition once the Finale series is over. But knowing how the universe works, they'll only do that if I buy all of the individual releases first.

>we’re on track for 9
What region are you talking about? Japan already has the TV and OVA 5.1 Boxset, so even if there somehow aren't any more re-releases, you only have 8 boxes.
But Sentai put out the specials as a separate release from the series, so, if the US doesn't get any boxsets, it's 10 separate boxes.


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tl note: panzer vor means best girl

"Right. get moving, get moving"

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Is there going to be a stream for the anniversary?

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Stupid sexy baka.

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About a year and a half give or take. Get strapped in for a long wait.

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Is this a Battle City reference?

Girls und VTOL when?

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