Is the greatest anime film of all time

>Is the greatest anime film of all time

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This is true

This is such a nice a poster.

Eiga K-On!

>OP is not a fag this time

Won't argue because good taste, but end of eva and kizumonogatari exist

At the very least, the best one KyoAni has made.

I watch this film every Christmas, it's the comfiest experience ever.

Always been

Close but clearly inferior.
Now this is actually a hard call to make. I would argue that EoE has better visuals but Disappearance has a better story telling throughout the film, still it's hard to compare 2 different genres from 2 different eras without bias.

Disappearance > Rebellion > EoE
They're all great though

Aged like milk

It aged like the finest parmigiano reggiano there is.

>his bait was successful

Was this poster used anywhere? BD? DVD?

I have it on my BD iirc

Fine, I'll bite the bait. Enlighten us in what ways precisely has this film aged, meaning that they were fine back then but aren't now?

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Nice. That looks pretty cool.

Not even top 3 Kyoani films

The VEG movies were garbage. Coming from someone who has the main anime rated as 9/10.

>Is not


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Genuinely curious, but what's the appeal of VEG?

I felt like everything seemed disconnected, unimportant, and inconsequential. I've seen the show almost two times in full and can't recall an episode outside of the mom letter one but only because it's emotionally manipulative to an absurd degree. I guess violet's different by the end of the show but like?

I always feel I should be watching Sora no Woto or something instead. Every episode connects to someone in the main cast in some way, helping them grow but they all show up throughout the show and during the climax, nothing piss feels particularly pointless.

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