I love lesbians

I love lesbians

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I remember reading a manga.
A woman who was married and had a child chose to cheat and get divorced. Married to her gay ex-girlfriend.
The story was about the life of two lesbians after they got married.
Her husband before she chose to divorce. And happily told his colleagues that he had to keep working hard for his lovely wife and children.
The husband's expression was particularly twisted when he learned that his wife didn't even like men.
Gay wives are one of the saddest marriages I've ever seen.
Your wife doesn't even like men, much less have any love for them. She would marry you only because she intended to escape society's perceptions.
Eventually she left you, leaving you with a redundant child who no longer has any how value. You still have to spend money to raise the child.

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No, we do not tolerate bisluts and comphet faggotry here.

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I hope this author has a long and fruitful career.

how do we increase lesbians in manga and anime?

By investing money. A concept completely alien to Any Forums.

God I wish it'll get an anime

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>Eventually she left you, leaving you with a redundant child who no longer has any how value

Child has no value because wife left you? Are you retarded?

These two are too fucking cute.

Well, they hate you unless you're one of them.

I hope the author is practicing drawing lewds because there's no question they'll eventually bang with how horny they were last chapter.

I loved lesbians as a teen, now that I'm an adult I don't like them as much. Why is that

I love lesbians getting dicked by a guy I can self insert as.

Incel mindset.

I love yuri but stories where it's just the couple being cute and snogging is no less boring than the het version of the same

Make a new thread then. Don't make an off-topic post. This thread is for people who love lesbians, and since we're on Any Forums, it goes without saying that we're talking about lesbians in anime and manga. The OP isn't "do you like (anime/manga) lesbians or not?". We don't debate about that anymore.

Me too, they're my favorite

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Immoral behavior.

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It's almost like it's a preferential thing, like faggot romances

Why does the Shiroi Suna no Aquatope manga have the same mangaka? It will be awkward after Kai winning.

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What is Chisato from Lycoris Recoil doing?

Must be tough to resist drawing Fuuka and Kukuru kissing in every panel until they will in the manga-exclusive extra epilogue chapter.


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