Kino no Scanlines

After watching it all, I've come to the conclusion that its well-written, is proof of a lot of creativity (for the montage of the images as well as the uses of the sounds and music), that the characters are intelligently designed and that the subject really philosophical (I say that but don't take me like those 12 years old retards who, when they aren't sure to understand, think its super cool - Bioshock infinite for example which is total crap fits in this kind of case) isn't pushed in the face of the public. The themes and ethics are really well used.

Sometimes the dialogues are a little kitsch and all (especially at the beginning) but overall it was a incredible pleasure to watch and I will show it to the most people possible.

My question is, is this anime considered GOAT or nowhere enough people as seen it? Are the 2 Movies good?

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I might have suffered some kind of amnesia because I don't recall them. I remember avoiding the newest version because it looked too bright

there is an episode 0 and 2 movies, but they're of the same length on an episode.

Then I must have watched them, I'll check once I come back from work. Regarding your question, it's difficult to have a serious thread about kino no tabi anymore because of the name. I think a lot watched it, just that the anime left too much of a high bar and some anons are discouraged from reading the LN. Personally, I loved the anime, especially the doomsday city episode.

What did you think of the Rome-Colosseum episodes?


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t-thats fake!

I've never seen it


Didn't like them, they were too bland compared to the rest of the episodes

Knew it. But the last episode is kinda lame. Kino is not impartial anymore

Put the scanlines in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

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The last one was about the volcano? I think that one caught me off guard in the end. But yeah, she almost broke her rule

the movies were good
2017 kino was alright, 6/10

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The point of nearly breaking the three day rule was to show why she sticks it. That story is set before all the others in the season except land of adults, (shown by her receiving woodsman from Master's old partner) and the one time she almost breaks it she almost gets caught in disaster. Every time she says she's staying for three das she's reminded of this country.

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Oh...I knew the backstory episode was a prequel, but i didnt know all the others were not in chronological order. So, she decided to be imaprtial after the volcano village?

The three day rule is just to keep her moving, the impartiality sees to come from a pragmatic sense of avoiding trouble you can't just not like a country that you like. I think she should've been doing this since her master taught her (ref. the movie) but took some timme to stick to. She also breaks the three day rule later on plenty, when necessary, like being on board the moving ship country or imprisonment.

Yes, kino is widely loved.
The movies are all more Kino, so they're good. Though the Shaft movie looks different compare to the rest and has some obvious CG.


Does that happen more often on the LN?

so, what was the point in of being detached to everyone? was that part of the original kino's philosophy too? or was because of the volcano city?