Expelled from Paradise

You should watch Angela's movie.
Also, what about the sequel movie?

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I love this movie. It's a shame there won't be a sequel.
I remember the original author of the novel.
Because of the epidemic, work became less.
This led to his suicide.
He committed suicide and there is no possibility of a sequel movie.

Nah, just make and fap to the MMDs

The fuck?
Urobuchi is original author.
And he is well and good and playing with his puppets.

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I liked it

It was an original movie, not adapted from any source material.

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She was pretty fun to use in SRW T. I wish she stuck around for 30.

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The one that killed himself wrote the novelization of the movie, but the movie came first, he just adapted it

Yeah. Nobody cares about that.

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I mean It's still pretty sad.

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You should buy Super Robot Wars T and make her your top ace

I want to see this get into a SRW with Gargantia so Frontier can be Brobots with Chamber.

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excellent curvature

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is that mythra from smash bros?

Angela is better than that cheap copycat whore.

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This is why nobody likes Nintendies.

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What's the context of this inexcusable photo?

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Movie promotion had big Angela statue made.
Urobuchi, being an absolute chad, copped a feel.

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Is that Steve from smash bros?

Toei announced last year that a sequel was in the works.

And the original production team is all back.

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Yeah. Seems that they were silent since then.

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It’s a good movie and the OST is ridiculous

Toei Animation (planning project / Production)
Nitroplus (planning project)
Gen Urobuchi (script)
Seiji Mizushima (director)
Masatsugu Saito (character designer)

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