The duality of man

>the duality of man
Why is it always one or the other, why can't it be both?

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duality of coombait

It IS both. The fact that it can't be either is what makes it duality

I like this artist

Yuta gets to fuck both

1. We don't live in a society where harems for the average joe are acceptable.
2. Most people can barely handle one bitch anyway.

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You know, I swear that Rika's thighs weren't THIS thick in the promo material leading up to the show. They were thicker than average but not this much.

I think Trigger saw all the feedback and fanart and decided to canonically make her thighs thicker and her ass fatter.

To be fair, Akane, while not as built as Rikka in the lower half, is still significantly more built than other girls. You're getting milkers and still get an enjoyable lower experience, whereas, with Rikka, you'll only get the enjoyment of the power half or the enjoyment of flat chests.
I say this as a Rikka fan

Both is just greedy.

But isn't the girl on the right more than the one on the left?

Yuta's wives.

Yeah, I was kinda confused what OP meant at first. Both of those girls have giant asses.

Rikka is peak female form


Is this show actually good

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Yume is the way better

Pear shape superior