How to survive a Guillotine execution

How to survive a Guillotine execution

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It's that easy

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What manga is this?

You never know when this might come in handy. Thanks user.

Become too swole to control

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Take the neck pill.

That's why you cuff the legs too.

Oh, please tell me it doesn't land on the other girl. That'd be just stupid.

The anotomy of that knee is just wrong

Majo Taisen

Marie Antoinette is gonna win anyway since she's got plot armor.

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truly inspiring

Sparta in Lu Bu spin-off.
the successor of Leonidas.

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I'm not hearing a no.

Guillotine-kun! No!!

Princess Mia, random people on the internet won't help you

How does an idiot survive a guillotine execution?

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You don't.

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But how do you survive this one?

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>Majo Taisen
you know, I'll have to catch up with this

I want to rape Reinhard.

They should bring back the guillotine
Besides looking grizzly, it's a quick and easy execution

The Death penalty is handled so horribly in the first world.
If you're going to execute someone, just fucking do it. Take em out back and shoot em (unless they want appeal)
Don't leave them in a box for 20 years so that they go insane and thus can't be executed legally.

you swing the chain around so you can grab it without hand