Wholesome father and son moment..

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do you think he has a boner under there

Next episode preview when?

The Sorcerer King sucks

>The Sorcerous Kingdom would like to know your location.

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>t.The Emperor

For the sake of argument lets say Ainz one day mans up and says "Alright, I'll ask Albedo out on a date". Realistically, how does it go down, and how would you personally want it to go? What do they do together? Can Albedo contain herself? Does she cry? Does she pull her hair out trying to make the day perfect?

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>Can Albedo contain herself?
It's been shown that she will jump his bones immediately, she isn't able to contain herself at all

Sasuga Ainz-sama

I wish I knew where I could purchase some Runecraft™ I heard it was easily affordable and high quality. Do you think the Sorcerer Kingdom would have any?

What is Neia and Rem Custard reading?

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>What is Neia and Rem Custard reading?
It's Volume 13 dude can't you tell

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Problem isn't that Ainz can't man up. Problem is that he has no dick, his undead passive keeps him from feeling strong emotions and also, he feels wrong about molesting a waifu character his friend made for himself.


Although when Ainz actually shows affection, like her goodbye kiss, she became a bumbling mess
You don't seem to realize what "For the sake of argument" means.

They say that a reason why Albedo is so loyal to Ainz and Ainz alone isn't just because of the loves Momonga setting but because Ainz did a edit, he's now a co creator or some shit.

Narberal is my breedable egg meido bride.

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>he's now a co creator or some shit.
thats actually a good reason wow

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I ship Naberal with Pandora's Actor.

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Also I know this has been said before, but man I find Demiurge's brand of loyalty to be great, especially when he was prepared to disobey orders, even if it meant his execution, just to make sure Shalltear wouldn't kill Ainz.



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