Would you be part of the rape mob?

Would you be part of the rape mob?

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I would even join a rape gang!

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Tokyo magnitude 8, seems like a great manga so far

No, never, I'm sure of that

The big issue would be fending off the mob. Social psychology would be good for this, I have to learn more about it.

If I know anything about leadership is that people will follow however seems to know what he's doing, so in a disaster you need to make sure you give orders quickly and establish yourself as the emergency authority.

Nah. It's hot in porno, but I can never imagine it being enjoyable in real life

No, I don't like rape.

I kneel fellow rape enjoyer with the capacity to distinguish fiction from reality..

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is it better to gangbang chicks with strangers or your bros?

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The best reason for her to fight is to ensure her rape is rapetacular. No consent to ruin it.

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Virgin Highschool girl wants to remain civilized and hasn't realized the gravity of her situation, so former rape victim teaches her a lesson.


Kanojo Wo Mamoru 51 No Houhou

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yes, odds are the woman likes it anyways lol

So it's okay to rape a woman as long as I teach her that rape is bad?

of course!

It was just an experienced woman giving her a scare. Look my mild fingering is already painful for you. What do you think multiple erect cocks fucking you nonstop will feel like?


No I’m not indian or pakistani