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Why did Gon care so much about Kite anyways?

Father Figure on Turtle Island and told him about his dad being a hunter and how he can sign up for the exam.

I think it was a form of stock holm syndrome is the reason why Gon was so defensive of his abuser.

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Read manga. He's the reason Gon became a hunter.

Why did the anime, knowing how the Chimera Ant arc would go, choose to leave Kite entirely out of the beginning of the story?

Hiatus x Eternal hiatus

I keep seeing people say they didn't know if they'd reach CA with the adaptation but I really doubt that.

So the beginning has a quicker pacing. They wanted to get to the interesting parts, especially since HxH already had an adaptation that they didn't want to retread entirely. I guess they figured they could always put in a flashback once the time comes (kinda like the One Piece anime does not start with the Shanks stuff), but never got around to fitting it into their schedule.

Attachment issues due to being molested my him as a kid

Kneel and Rejoice.

Translation: At the moment, 9 more chapters to go until the next 10 chapters. 《No.400》 Finished making advice to my assistants. Waiting for the manuscript to return. I'm drawing the cover of new volume. Also, some fixes/additions are being proceeded for the new volume.

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Wait so only 393 is done after all this time?

391 up to 399 are done (400 needs some finishing touches)

401 is supposedly done but needs to go through the editors/assistants/finishing touches) he is working now on the 402

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Why... aren't we getting chapters then?

I think he means that he has done 1 of the 10 newer chapters AFTER the previous batch of 10. Ergo he is working on 401.


It's mistranslated and/or i'm misunderstanding it, and he has 9 chapters done and is waiting for 400 to finish.

In the meantime, Oda is working on the cover for volume 37

>I'm sure it'll come off hiatus THIS time!

Because he works in batches of 10. (that's a volume)

Mangakas often have some chapters in advance as they start releasing the actual chapters. (often editorial shenanigans)

He also need to have an open spot on the WSJ (meaning a Manga has to be cancelled) so there's a lot going on.

He's aiming at doing 20 Chapters for now so 2 batches (2 volumes) so maybe he'll start releasing them after the 10 chapters are done or after the 2 batches are completed.

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Femkite and Gon have sex soon

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He's only directly confirmed 391 and 392. The editor could still request changes out of 393-400.

These threads are going to become an absolute shitshow when they released

I'm talking DB tier the first few days and then One Punch and Omega doomposting tier

You'll get BTFO soon, the first 10 chapters are almost ready and I doubt he's gonna wait for the next 10 to publish them.
Especially since he's already talking about drawing the next volume's cover.

I don't see it. OPM gets doomposting cause it's a bad manga, unlike HxH.
People already know there's gonna be a hiatus after the 10 chapters but also know Togashi is working on the next 10 already.

>he thinks these threads is not going to be bombarded by nostalgia fags saying that the previous chapters were 1000 times better and now is SOULESS for a quick (you)