Madokachads how the fuck do I watch your series. There's the two recap movies, then the third which is a continuation...

Madokachads how the fuck do I watch your series. There's the two recap movies, then the third which is a continuation, and then all the other stuff. I'm already at ep 6 before I realized what the deal is, could I switch to the movie after ep 8 or would the second movie reference movie-only stuff from the first recap movie? How do i get the whole story properly? I have tried like three different websites trying to explain it to me but I think I am just genuinely retarded.

Also talk about madokas if you want.

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Just watch the TV series and Rebellion. The recap movies cut some important character scenes, they're not a suitable replacement for the series. The gacha adaptation is irrelevant.

okay thanks

Watch the tv season, then the third movie, then wait for the next movie. That's it.
Magia Record is just a spinoff based in the gacha with its own plot

>wait for the next movie

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The movies have different soundtracks.

Watch the first three episodes, and then stop. Everything afterwards is irrelevant.

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There's a fancutfags version which is meant to combine the series and the recap movies, but I don't think they recommend it for a first time viewing.

Everyone already said how to watch it, but i need an excuse to post fredrika

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That's rude

watch the tv series and stop there
rebellion is really bad
The magireco spin off might be good, I wouldnt know since I dropped that shit in by ep3

>don't watch the spinoff
yeah right, don't watch Railgun after Index because it has different set of characters and different plot
what a bunch of faggots I swear

is the animation still good? Half the fun for me so far is watching the crazy witch stuff.

If you dont care about story, characters or good direction then you might want to check out kyoani productions.

it's not like you'll die if you pick movie/tv wrong, lol

>rebellion bad
>magi reco good
Based anons gatekeeping retards

No, you skip Madoreco because it's not good.

Anime + rebellion movie is how most watch. However the 3 movies are meant to go together so it's not a bad option. If you ever do a re-watch you can try the movie trilogy.

MagiReco is kind of interesting twist. If you wanna see what a magical girl cult is like.

is it as dark as the original?

Magia record is secretly based because of the way season 3 ends.
But you need a very sophisticated understanding of Rebellion and political history in order to appreciate it.
Its like a giant bag of shit with a joke hidden inside of it, some of the people who worked on it secretly put it in without the other staff noticing.
Basically the correct viewing order is:
Watch the original series,
Then think about it for a week,
then watch rebellion.
Then watch the other 2 recaps.
Then rewatch rebellion.
Then rewatch the series.
Then rewatch rebellion 3 times.
Then over the course of the next 2 years rewatch rebellion and the other movies and the original series multiple times, also pursue all the numerous threads of investigation that will arise from it. This means you will basically have to watch 20 other anime and read 10-30 books (depending on how your level on certain topics is to begin with), what exactly to read and watch will reveal itself to you on the way.
Then after you have completed the journey and found true enlightenment will you get the joke in Magia record - but it is not worth it for that, what is worth it is the journey and the enlightenment you get from it.
At the end you literally become a physical god and gain the power to challenge the forces that be, such is the fruit of Madoka Magica.

— Madoka Magica Analects part 27

Not really until the very end. It's still an oddly fitting story that kind of suits this hyper-analytical fandom, like they were trying to outsmart the series.