What is wrong with Kitagawa Marin?

What is wrong with Kitagawa Marin?

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Nothing. All people love tits.

user, I'd be interested in seeing both real boobs and quality prosthetic cosplay boobs for different but somewhat related reasons.

Tranny manga. The author projects their male fantasies through women so it comes off as cute not creepy

>Still is gonna get a CHADjo bf
She can't keep getting away with it!

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There's no way that the author of this ISN'T a woman

nothing, she's great

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it is, check out the extra chapters where she describes her own attempts at cosplaying.

not a goddamn thing

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It's pretty funny to see people denying that Marin is bisexual.

Because they don't want /u/tards shitting up threads, bitching about the MC.

All women are bisexual
Men are straight or psyoped

This is true. The bisexual part is also a psyop though


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Rent free.

Mmm, marines bare legs and feet. Always such a lovely feast for my eyes

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>The author projects their male fantasies
>their male

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that was pretty cringe


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The trap has been a real chad every time he shows up huh

Kill yourselves, retards.

she's Gojosexual

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She's looking for more girls to assemble Gojo's harem, and can't be stopped. Yeah, so awkward.

chapter 80 today?

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It's a phase