I wanna fuck him so hard, am I gay?

I've never watched eva before, but the main protagonist looks so cute and fuckable at first glance.
I wanna pat his head and hug him and make him suck my dick. Is this normal or gay?

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You are gay, but not for wanting to fuck Shinji. Blogposting about wanting to fuck Shinji on the other hand...

Yes you are Kaworu

Fucking a man doesn't make you gay bro.
Just say no homo and you are good.

>never watched eva before
watch the first few episodes and you'll be cured of your gay
then keep watching until kaworu queers you for good

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Go to bed Kaworu.

Shut up Kaworu

So it's true that even acknowledging Eva exists makes you a faggot

It's perfectly normal to be attracted to a cutie like Shinji

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Adam hands typed this post

It's more about power than sex

Fuck off Kaworu

Shinji's in a weird spot because he will have these moments of legitimate assertiveness and manliness, but then he will collapse into a bundle of nerves and insecurities and you realize you could make him your little toy with laughable ease.

He will melt in your hands if you show him the slightest bit of affection. This is precisely what happens with Kaworu. Kaworu is the first person in the entire show to show Shinji affection with no strings attached, and Shinji responds by turning into a flaming homo. It really is that simple.

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Yes you are homosexuals

Whenever I hear Shinji, I always think of this guy now. I even had trouble remembering Eva's MC's name is also Shinji.

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Knowing Shinji, he would be the one fucking Kaworu, not whatever delusional fujos say. The point of his character is that he's a quiet boy not a weak boy and that's why you saw he has his moments of manliness and insanity.

Yes. Next question