Yuko's abyss (has had so many sperm, no one knows who's reiji's father)

Dumping chapter

Also, where's editor san?
Old thread has reached bump limit and he hasn't dumped yet?

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I wish Yuko was my wife. A woman who knows so much on how to please men.

But her holes have been stretched out? She's not as tight as when she was a CUte & fuNNY

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End of dump.
Are you guys happy that esemori's not the father in exchange for ending the flashbacks?

or are you mad that ryo making esemori not the father is because she's stretching it out. Ryo said in the interviews that she had an idea for an ending that she had to change due to the popularity of the series and execs wanting to milk the cow dry

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hahahaahahah Esemori-is-the-father fags finally and conclusively BTFOOOOOOOOO

It's our flashback time, Nagi bros

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>Yuko was just acting like the regular woman
And Esemori fucking lost his mind.

>Are you guys happy that esemori's not the father in exchange for ending the flashbacks?
Very. Some fags are finally in their place.

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>finally and conclusively BTFO
It's over when Ryo says it's over, and I'm sure Yuko will tell the story her way. Two compulsive liars make for quite the unreliable narrators, don't you think?

>Why are you smiling at me like that?

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gen won

What the fuck did Yuko mean when she said Reiji's father was in Tokyo to sensei then? Is it nothing more than just a sloppy way of keeping away the plot twist from the viewers? Or is there going to be a deeper meaning to that line and Yuko will turn out to be even more insane and genuinely believes Esemori is Reiji's father. Or Reiji's real father is some random ojisan from her slut days who happens to be in Tokyo.

Okay fuckers, I made the Eren is the father of Historia's child post because the Esemori'sTheFatherfags paralleled EHfags. Turns out your evidence was also delusional headcanon. I want an apology from these anons:

>Esemori'sTheFatherfags paralleled EHfags
Wrong, I was saying Esemori is not the father for some time and I was a big EHfag. Btw I still think Isayama changed the story.

Read OP's title

>Yuko will turn out to be even more insane and genuinely believes Esemori is Reiji's father
Imagine how kino her gesugao would be as she charges into a ramble that'd put any of our resident schizos to shame

or maybe when esemori came inside her before the suicide attempt, she squeezed the cum into a cup and froze it after she found out he became famous and started regretting

The sensei daughter theory is better and less schizophrenic