New movie is out.

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>new movie just came out
>no one cares

Why are they celebrating the 10th anniversary now? Didn't Cinderella Girls come out in 2011?

It's not a movie, stop calling it that.

Yes it's a movie. It's 50 minutes long.

Still haven't seen it all. I'm trying to savor every single moment of this m@sterpiece.

There isn't much to discuss about it honestly.
Maybe this, what was your favorite part, anons?

Hard to pinpoint because it's all so great so far.

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No it came out in 2012 as far as I remember. The 765 anime started airing in 2011. CG started a few months after that in 2012.

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I love this cute Deko.

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Looks like the game started in November 2011, and the anime came out in 2015 actually.

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nvm, I just found out it look them until 2022 to complete the celebration animation.

They gave us a preview of the animation back during the actual 10th anniversary, and it wasn't until just now that they finally finished the animation. This video explains it

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There's a new movie? Does it have Ranko?

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She might be in it.

It has 190 idols from Cinderella Girls in it.

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