Where do I start with this franchise?

Where do I start with this franchise?

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At the beginning yah dingus

start at gundam 0079

at the middle then work your way back

Blood C
Blood +
Blood PS2 game

there you go enjoy

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"Franchise" is a big word for this mediocrity

Just wach blood c clips on sakugabooru, the show itself is slow and boring like most anime

Right here.

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blood+ is fucking horrible, it was boring for the 1st half and then THAT happened then time skip happened and it was the one of most agonizing shit i've ever watched

blood the last vampire

>Blood thread on Any Forums
I watched C only but loved it. Especially the plot twist, it felt like Truman Show combined with psychological horror. Too bad Fumito got defeated so quickly in that movie sequel. I wanted to see more of this Tower organization.

with the live-action film
Everything is 100% downhill after that.

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It had a great first op and ed at the very least.

Not OP, but what's the release order of this series? And is this franchise generally well received or no?

So this guy was like what, the original mother's chevalier? Then he fakes his death to come back at the last episode and nobody cared to elaborate further? He made a big ol deal about keeping Diva to have her perform but then just didn't give a shit when it came time for the duel and just watched from the sideline.

of course

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>Not OP, but what's the release order of this series?
Well, each part is written and created by different people, each having their own spin on what it should be like.

The Blood OVA/ Movie
Blood 2000 manga
The live action movie
Blood-C series and sequel

Aside from the original movie, none of the others can really be considered "canon".

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I watched in random order. Still haven't finished Blood+ because it's not very good.

Isn't the entire "franchise" just shit? The original doesn't really hold up, it's just an old mediocre OVA, plus is shit, C is just... uh.... you know.

I watched Blood+ when it first aired on toonami thinking it was cool.
Rewatched it a lil while ago and couldn't even get halfway through. The brother is so annoying it would be better if he didn't exist.

The 2nd and 3rd OPs were great too