Wednesday Waifu MS Paint Thread

You know the drill, anons!
Do it!

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I'm not even wasting my time for 2022 Any Forums.

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he says, with a gay tripcode

Another one this early? Well, guess I'll get started.

Just for you.

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I don't really know how that's meant to be a comeback, but if you want mine then break out the mouthwash.
Anyway I drew my waifu in paint.

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do trannies count

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weekly is too frequently for me, sorry user

Don't post too frequently user.

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that's cute
it reminded me of a set of drawings where famous dictators were drawn as anime girls

This. The idea of having it once every two months was partially to give anons a break in between, especially for those of us who like making detailed drawings. And mods might throw a fit if it happen too much. I'll see how this thread turns out and maybe I'll make one tomorrow if it's still up.

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cant doodle 4 shieeet

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Not Asuka

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