Like, Hiromi is a totally groovy far-out tennis player, man

Like, Hiromi is a totally groovy far-out tennis player, man.

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*hits blunt*

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Psychedelia is a really cool aesthetic

no tennis fans?

She is also fat. FAT.

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Look at her fat fummy!

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She can take beatings like a champion

I’m not so big on tennis, but I sure do love Hiromi and this show. Makes tennis seem way more romantic and hardcore than it actually is.

>Being surprised a sporty girl has a big appetite
Besides, it greatly pleases my inner architect.

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>big appetite
>THREE hamburgers
That's a bit more than just big. But no matter, the really fucked up part is Maki, she does nowhere near as much exercise as Hiromi, so how she manages to keep her figure while eating as much as her is a mistery to me.

The problem with sports people is that when they retire or have to stop they get fat fast since they eat the same they were eating when they were active but their body barely uses like half of the energy they used to spend.

I know. That’s part of what makes Hiromi so appealing.

Both her and Maki are probably chubbier than they let on. Hiromi would need fat on her to build the muscles we see on her in later seasons.

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Goddammit Architect, not here too.

i like this stitch

I mean, it’s not like Dezaki was a stranger to throwing architects a bone every once and awhile.

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Isn’t fat enough.

Sugino never drew enough fat women, what a coward. We should get his ass out of retirement so he can finally fix that.

Not even a fan of sports or tennis but I really liked this anime.
Yeah, Hiromi being skinny makes sense. She was constantly working her ass off. Wouldn’t make sense for someone like her to be fat with how much she exercised. Maki on the other hand though, yeah someone like her being morbidly obese wouldn’t have surprised me. All those burgers and little exercise would add up on her waistline. Only reason she didn’t gain any weight in the anime was probably because of her metabolism. Though once it slows down she’d probably become pretty fat.

>tfw the lack of architect/ WG material for any of the Dezaki shoujos has forced me to make autistic edits to screencaps from Dezaki’s “big 3” shoujo for my own personal fapping pleasure.

Being a fan of old school shoujo while also having this fetish is suffering.

There was an inflation scene in Cobra, some overweight female characters in RoV and a visibly pregnant background character on screen for about 2 seconds in Oniisama e, so it’s not like Sugino didn’t do it at all. It’s mostly just because none of Dezaki’s shows were explicitly fetish pandering and they were all heavily plot and drama driven, so they didn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to that sort of thing. One the one hand, that’s probably for the best from a writing quality and storytelling perspective, but on the other hand, it’s a remarkable cocktease considering how cute these character designs are and how likeable these characters are in general.

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That spoiler sounds incredibly autistic, post them if you have the balls, I would probably like them. And yeah, obviously I was only suggesting that in jest, I don't want any of those shows to be fetish pandering, at least not like that. I guess, besides Cobra, Golgo is the only one that would fit that kind of material.

I get your pain. Most older anime that weren’t one of the popular ones have the same issue.Also mind sharing some of those edits? If you don’t mind of course.

I can’t remember but did they eat that many burgers each day or once a week?

I’m only going to post 2 examples of ones that I’m sufficiently satisfied with the outcome. Some of the images ended up becoming failed experiments and look like trash, but these are examples of ones I think look decently presentable.

This is this first one (it’s official artwork rather than a screencap, but it was just begging for an edit).

Canonically, Hiromi and Maki are legit gluttons. The implication is that they’re both pretty addicted to burgers. Interestingly though, the burgers sometimes get switched out with them going to Ramen joints, like in the 1979 movie. I didn’t mind that change since I thought the but who ran the burger store was pretty “meh” as a character.

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And this is the second one. I actually don’t regret making these, since it made me learn more about how the colouring and line art in these shows work. Getting fap material out of it is great too.

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