What's your favorite Gundam series, Any Forums?

What's your favorite Gundam series, Any Forums?

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00 was retarded, but it was probably the most fun I've had watching a gundam series. So I'll go with that.

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I believe in the sign of Zeta

I've only seen Wing, SEED + Destiny, and 08th MS. I'm currently watching 00 but I find it kind of boring.
SEED > Destiny > 08th > Wing = 00 (So far)

0083. It's terrible but it's beautiful. I love literally every giant robot design in it.

From what I've seen,
Turn A > War in the Pocket > 08th MS Team > Zeta > 0079 > 00 > IBO > Wing > Seed
I never gave the Build shows a proper chance because the I was finding the characters annoying. It felt like I was watching a literal toy commercial for kids.

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Turn A and CCA are by far the best.

In terms of suits gotta be F91. But overall probably G. As stupid as it is, it holds a special place in my heart because I love me some cheesy martial arts movies

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Why would anyone rate their favorite series based on suits?
Do you do the same for non-mecha shows with human character designs?

TV series: a three way tie between 0079, X and Turn A
OVA: 0080
Movie: CCA

Are you autistic or something? Humans and piloted robots are a different thing

Caring that much about robots sound more like autism to me.


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00 and Turn A Gundam.
Followed by Victory, G-Reco and Gundam SEED.

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Unironically Zeta.

The original, followed by Zeta and 0080.

G Gundam of course.

>caring about the mecha in a mecha show is autistic
kill yourself.

war in the pocket

By the way, if anyone cares to know, Victory is the worst gundam.

Is IBO good? I stopped watching it just after they left Mars.

There's a difference between caring about the mechs in a mecha thing and prioritizing them over everything else you disingenuous faggot.