Lycoris Recoil

Did Yoshi not consider that this could happen when he made Robota work with Majima?

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Majima will save Chisato and impregnate her

No wonder they're fucking pathetic.

Murder is b-bad, okay? Lycoris girls are no b-better than crazy Majima, okay?

This is pretty pathetic Majimacucks

Shinji made Robota a mole to help tame Majima. He just did not expect Majima will like Chisato so much that he'd betray Alan for her sake.

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the only way he could betray Alan is by not using his talent

Alan should put a collar on them that explodes if they become traitors.

You're trying too hard.

>Really good hearing
>His genius is terrorism and he must do it
>really good at reading people's movements
>Her genius is murder and I'll fucking kill her if she don't

I'm thinking Alan doesn't promote internally if you catch my drift.

I love Chisato

We know, Majima

Found the Indonesian fag.

Chisato only loves Takina.

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>implying this is not part of his master keikaku

Useless lesbians

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How silly

Chisato's heart lost a full week of charge that night.

RIP Chisato

I don't get it

Yuri can't stop winning.

Well worth it, mate, well worth it.

I was right. They had yuri sex all night long.

They said their goodbyes and both went home but they forgot they are living together (I know they aren't yet but this is fanart)

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Majimacucks btfo'd.

Do you even know about the concept of time zone? Not only do you want to shitpost the threads with your usual yuri/anti-yuri shitposting, you also want to bring Any Forums tier "banter" and Any Forums tier twitter screencaps at the same time.

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If means they had SEX.


>see reaction vids of the latest episode
>grown up men almost cried like little girls
>women were like, 'Huh? Haha? Oh? Woah!'
This is Madomagi all over again lol
Why is it always like this, Any Forums?

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