Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 26 part 2


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Isekai Momo

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lisabros were we at

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Fuck off, retard.

Big bear hugging Lilynette.

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God, Aizen is so lucky. What a retard, he could keep her around and she would unironically be his most loyal subordinate even in Hueco Mundo.

Oh shit it's Stark! The primera that's debatably weaker than Ulquiorra
Cope, thanks for the bump

She is useless.

She's weak as shit though.


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Was it ever said how strong ulq's second awakening is?

user! Yes, you user!! Have this limited offer this thread only; a Bleach panel free of VIZ for reaction pic uses.

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There's way hotter girls in Bleach. Momo's low tier and stupid.

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Starrk, why didn't you took Lilynette with you to look at Wonderwice's cock together?


Starrk pulling a Napoleon.

Would have been cool seeing a bunch of SS defectors organized into a single Hueco Mundo Guard Squad, with Gin or Tosen as its captain.

Aizen is trying to flex on Kisuke despite in truth he's been a pawn dancing in the palm of Kisuke's hand for the longest time. It's cute.



And while at it you can take this poorly made png to edit it yourself into other imagines as you like. Enjoy.

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that shit has got to be much stronger than any other resurrection.

Considering Aizen galaxy brained Ichigo's fights to make him super strong, he knew Ulquiorra's second release was super powerful and knew he had it all along.


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But all other cute girls hate Aizen. And Harribel is sterile, she's the one who is useless! Momo is strong enough to be a vice captain, she's top 0.01% by technicality.

People call Ichigo bland but this is just another one of his overlooked traits. He's a closet perv unlike Naruto who can be a full on perv and Luffy who isn't a perv at all.

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ENTER Flame rocker.

So... Who was the fashion designer on Aizen's gang?

Stop posting Hitsugaya or Rangiku will laugh at you again.

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Momo please stop, this is just getting sad.


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wow guys the clouds are moving can you believe that

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I am thou
Thou art I


Kubo always knows how to throw in jokes to break tension.

Barragan must be seething too much to show himself properly.

Ulquiorra is such a good boy. Doing what Lord Aizen says without any fuss.

It's funny that Aizen let Tousen cut Grimmjow's arm just so he can be a test subject for confirming Orihime's powers. It's like even he doesn't give a single fuck about Yammy.[/spoiler[


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If Nnoitra, Starrk or Harribel would come, Hitsugaya and his squad would be annihilated. I guess Ulquiorra didn't took them because of that, since he needed a pressure alone on Orihime.

>wonderweiss (also called fire extinguisher in soul society)

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enter, guy whose diapers tousen cleans

only about 0.9%, actually

Look at that, the women and effeminate men are fighting.

Ikkaku must be apologizing to his zanpakuto for permanently breaking its bankai.

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>Rukia always was socially retarded
Thanks Ukitake.

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That's pretty racist Shuhei.

>training ground behind the barracks
I'm amazed that it wasn't in a cavern beneath it.

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Ukitake you're the reason she doesn't have her vice captain senpai to look up to anymore.

World peace between the worlds is good

it's here!!!

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In his defense he says they're moving fast in the raws

Can't have peace with Hueco Mundo though.

Tousen was such a nice guy

>announcing a report

Gin, stop with the fake news and focus on fucking Matsumoto already.

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Breed Hallibel's fraccion.

>Captain Tosen
Not only Momo didn't recover yet.

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>Tosen was publishing Seireitei's Bulletin
Suddenly, his Hollow NatGeo segments have way more sense now.

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What happens if you die of old age? Will you arrive in SS as a geezer?



The only squad more pathetic than the Vizards.

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enter worst espada besides grim


>Early 2000 NuMetal mainstream band

Hueco Menudo

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