Otome Mob / Mobuseka

Remember anons.
If you learn nothing else from this show, remember that flat girls are always evil.

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I wish I had a Mylene wife

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Being flat-chested is not a deciding factor on whether an anime girl with said boobs is evil and/or manipulative since plenty of notable evil anime girls are big-chested. That being said, I only care whoever is genuinely kind to me with extra relatability and not about boobs.

I love evil girls.



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>entire series about how flat girls are evil
>the singular flat character is the most popular by an overwhelming margin
>her spinoff series overtakes the main series in popularity

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That's just because imouto is the most popular fetish

I thought they were grabbing her tits from the thumbnail

one pupil
six pupils

spiritual incest too

>Olivia's protagonist status is expressed in the world as an innate mind control power
>she declares her love for Leon
>he is literally unable to refuse her

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Is there an anime about this going on right now? I saw the original run but haven’t heard anything else about it

breed fertile milfs

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the weak should fear the strong

>official novelization of Marie route confirmed
We can't stop winning, Mariebros. Can't wait for the manga adaptation

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Where the fuck do you even read this?

I'm not picky so I just go to Light Novel Updates

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>leon hasn't fucked angelica or olivia because he's afraid of showing favoritism since he technically has to fuck one of them first
idk if it were me I'd have the discussion with them about it

Flatties combined with the power of imouto trumps everything else.