Ram or Rem?

Ram or Rem?

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I'd like to Ram my dick in Rem, if you know what I mean.

Both are utterly boring and generic.
The author must use a computer program that creates automatically plots and characters, because such uncreativeness isn't normal.

Hisui and Kohaku

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goddamnit user

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Rem is the definition of a housewife. Ram is the opposite.




My brain trembles.

why is my dick so hard right now?

>Ram or Rem?
Rem is peak housewife.cooks, cleans, protects the domicile, looks good.
Ram likes clown dick.

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Because you know how good it’s going to feel

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Me banging Rem while she is pegging Felix.

Rape the maids

Each of them could individually kill you easily. Together they wouldn’t leave enough of you left to bury.


>t. Shiki

the one who wouldn't kill you