Delicious Party Precure

Would you eat blocky food?

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No you'd cut your cheek

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Yui butt attack when

This is the thread.

I wish the OP image was better but at least it's not some autistic man's thread manipulation shit

Judging from the thread, it's pretty obvious that he's the lauraschizo.

By DP's character designer.

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Civilian Yui is much cuter than Precious form

Are you getting excited for more DP?

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Episode titles when? Also small peek at the new Ubauzo with horns

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dude what?
all I did was make a typo

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>Episode titles when?
Should be in a few days.

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I've never had a rice ball before, are they actually good

Takumi will get nothing.

>superior japanese rice folded 1000 times with salt, a piece of seaweed and maybe some smoked salmon inside
they are okay

The konbini ones are alright, but handmade are the best.

Fucked up he misspells the OPs so he doesn't have to include them when he does his thread archiving shit to see which season had the most threads, a thing only he gives a shit about, talk about dedicated insanity

Bros did you like Yui so far?

stop replying to yourself

My only frame of reference is sushi rice

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